Lido Arena Campania | Mondragone | Mondragone

Lido Arena Is a wonderful Place sited On The Mediterranean coast,between Naples and Rome. The Town in which Lido Arena is sited is called Mondragone.Mondragone is a Town that has a very Legendary History In which In the 800's The King Of The Town was called The Re (King) Dragone . This Has a Legend of The Castle On The top Of The Mountain OF Mondragone ,The Population of This town has called The Towns name thru the Shape Of its Mountain and there legendary King's Family . The Shape Of The Mountain seems to be similair as a Dragon. This Town has also The History Of there Virgin Madonna Incaldana, The Madonna Incaldana Is there Protector Of there Town.The Modanna Incaldana has a Legendary History regarding the Discovery of this wonderful Picture That has been found on The Mountain Of Mondragone In there section called Incaldana . The Picture Of The Modanna Incaldana Is reserved In There main Cathedral In the heartof the Historical Section Of Mondragone. Mondragone is also very nominated since The romans legend with the Sinuessa hat is an Old City sommersed Under There meditarrenean waters since Pompei's Vulcanic erupted.The Sinuessa used to be where back in the AC xx when he Romans used to go for there vacations . Sinuessa Is situated on the North side Of mondragone with there ruins sommersed under the mediterranean waters of Monragone's Coast, Sinuessa was also The Port where There used to be the exchange Of the Great wine That the Mondragone Citezens produced called Falerno. Mondragone is really Popular because of there Wine,Mozzarella Di Bufala , They have a great type of territory with perfect Humidity Conditions that Thanks of this permits there great Mozzarella Di Bufala . Mondragone Is a very Traditional town That has most of there Holiday's Traditions in Easter and there Catholic Traditions.Mondragone Is a town That has been with many great advantages , here Coast has a great beach with beautiful This sand,beatiful Clear water. Mondragone is Sited in between a great site in which it is easy to have many escursions ,it is easy within 40 minutes to reach Naples where you can get to Capri, Ischia,Positano, Sorrento,Amalfi,Pompei.It is easy to also to reach to Caserta within 40 minutes .In Caserta there is the Beautiful reggia to visit.It Is very simple to travel within 40 Minuts you can also go to MonteCassino,Gaeta,Islands of Ponza . Rome is also disant from Mondagone within nearly 2 hours . You can travel around with easy accomodations which are train,Bus,Car,Boat.Mondragone is a Great town to visit and spend your vacation,where you can discover better there History and there traditional Foods .You have to Be Here to Believe! Hope to see you here